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About Lillifield

Back in 1985, Andrew and Beverly Buchanan started the Community. They bought the land, laid out and constructed the seven kilometres of roads, some of the dams and positioned the house sites. They also donated a couple of acres at our front entrance to The Daystar Steiner primary school and kindergarten, which at that time, was situated in the little village of Cawongla, about nine kilometers away towards Kyogle, so that the school could move to a more convenient site for the benefit of the Lillifield children. That school closed a few years ago and the school site was then taken over by the N.S.W. Education Department who moved Barkers Vale State primary school to the school site.

Why 'Lillifield'?

By Andrew Buchanan.

What’s in a name? The lilies of Lillifield are purely symbolic, as they were in the biblical text which inspired the name.  There, it really referred to the wildflowers which covered the fields in a blaze of colour.  It simply used them as an example of nature’s abundance.
“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow”.  He said, “they toil not, nor do they spin.  And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

Wildflowers may not toil or spin but they frequently grow, as ours do – in very difficult situations:  among rocks, in a path, in the roots of a tree.  And yet, through persistent endeavour they are able to bloom in all their beauty.  For they fulfill their role in harmony with nature.  How much more then, will nature reward us if we apply ourselves as they do, for we have so much more to give.

If we are prepared to invest our energies and our talents in harmony with our environment the result must be an abundance of nature’s bounty for us to have and to share.  As it is with the “lilies of the field”!

Key Roles on Lillifield


Secretary: Stephen Howard

Treasurer: Matthieu Rabusseau

Communication: Renske Bergman


Elen James

Tina Mews

Stephen Howard

Matthieu Rabusseau

Landcare Crew:

Elen James, Brigitte Stievermann, Tina Mews, Matthieu Rabusseau, Steve Willis


Road Crew:

Jaron Mews, Stephen Howard


Fire Crew:

Goba O'Brian, Matthieu Rabusseau, Steve Willis 

Community Hall Crew:

Tina Mews, Renske Bergman, Ian Gorman

Constitution Team:

Matthieu Rabusseau, Amanda Doran, Louise Graves, Tina Mews, Peter Lanyon, Sarah Strickland

Sales Team:

Tina Mews, Renske Bergman

Website Team:

Aurelie Billot, Renske Bergman


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