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Connected to Nature

for a Happier & Healthier Life

Welcome to Lillifield Community

Lillifield Community is nestled in the Northern Rivers Region hinterland, on the rim of the Mount Warning caldera. Surrounded by many National Parks such as the Border Ranges NP, Mebbin NP, Wollumbin NP and the Nightcap NP, the region is considered one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

As a community, Lillifield is home to many families from various backgrounds and cultures, yet embracing a simple and close to Nature Lifestyle.

We all live off-grid, relying on solar and rainwater, so we are well connected to Nature. We aim for a sustainable daily routine with a positive impact on our precious environment. 

Our lovely community counts about 330 acres, most of which are hills and valleys with subtropical rainforest trees and bush.

There are: 

  • 38 house sites, each of which is approximately five acres.

  • several areas of common land, some of it, open land, some of it as wood lots and some as forest and animal sanctuary. These areas are left untouched for the use of the animals and birds.

  • 11 dams, some used for water reticulation, others for recreation purposes.


It is so beautiful here... quiet and peaceful with the sound of the birds, the frogs, the crickets and cicadas. Kangaroos, wallabies, possums, lace monitors, turtles, echidnas, koalas, birds and more birds make this place a little heaven we all want to preserve.

What's on?

Working bees, Fundraisers, Events, Workshops, Meetings... are planned regularly on Lillifield.

As you know, the more lillifielders can attend and contribute, the better it is for the community.

This online Calendar and the one in the mail shed are the places to keep up to date with ongoing gatherings.

CHECK OUT the Calendar regularly, SAVE THE DATE & SHOW UP! 

If you want to add your event in the calendar, please, contact Renske with a blurb and a picture

(or link to a webpage)

It will be added asap and we will tell the community about it.

What's on?

Lillifield Bushfire Resilience Project Plan

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government.

Lillifield Community is delighted to announce its success in winning a major grant entitled ‘Lillifield Bushfire Resilience Project Plan’. 

Many thanks to the Federal Government under its Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program. The Lillifield community is grateful to the local Rural Fire Services Hanging Rock under the direction of its Brigade Captain Kelly Pittaway and the Senior Deputy Captain Judy Pittaway for their in-depth appraisal of the Lillifield terrain and their continued encouragement and support in this project.

The project spans 2.5 years in preparatory projects to assist Lillifeld and its surrounding communities to prepare and minimise the risk of a major fire in the community.  The Project is divided into a tight timeline and actions 8 major mile stones over the project period. 

Preparatory scheduling includes purchasing fire-fighting equipment including (but not limited to) a spot-fire equipped ute, extra water tanks, assistance in clearing lantana on our road system, training  which includes first aid, pile burns and use of a flail mower.   A primary component within our grant is make the Lillifileld  Community Centre as fire-safe as possible by installing  a roof sprinkler system.  This enables the centre to become a ‘safe haven’ for Lillifield residents and our neighbouring community should a fire event occur.   

Further contribution to our wider community is an extended invitation to attend our First Aid courses and the local fire brigade‘s ‘Get Ready’ workshop that will facilitate the procurement of preliminary survival skills in preparing for major fire event.

Watch this space for further updates as the project progresses.

Jeanette Dal Santo, Project Coordinator.

Sharing some good news!

Lillifield Good Vibes

Lillifield community reflects a great diversity of nationalities, age groups, skills and lifestyles.

We all have a different story but we came to live in the Rainbow Region to live a Dream and to embrace a different lifestyle within Nature.

This space is dedicated to share about what we care for; be it a way of life, your story, surrounding places, inspiring things...

Hope you will find some topics of interest here  : ) 







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